Producing Artistic Director

Michael Gatzendorfer

Message From Michael Gatzendorfer


Welcome to the BARC Youth Theatre website!


The BARC Youth Theatre Company prides itself on quality work for the youth. We consistently provide relevant and superior musical theatre training that expands to the student, whether they’re on stage or off in developing an appreciation for the arts and broadens their understanding of the theatrical stage. However, most importantly, we invite these students to join a family in which they feel comfortable expressing themselves and where artistic collaboration is encouraged.


I admire BARC’s ability to mentor the youth. Through the experience of being vital members of our team, our youth grow into confident and creative members of their community. At BARC we understand that these productions aren’t necessarily the end of our cast members’ journey into the real world of theater, and pride our abilities on offering guidance and an education for those who choose to pursue future studies or work in the theatre.


Having been trained locally and regionally, I bring a similar philosophy to the BARC Youth Theatre Company, now in its fifteenth season in how theatre is perceived and developed through production. In an active and vibrant setting, I ask that every cast and crew engages with the roles they undertake so they can better develop their skills and talents, allowing them to understand better all the elements necessary in mounting a full production.


For the last 15 years, the BARC Youth Theatre Company has been very special to me for the connections it has made to each cast and production student as they come together to create an extraordinary experience that is unique to each production. I’m proud to say that many of our alumni have gone on to do meaningful and fruitful things, and, we can’t help but feel great pride in their success!


Thanks for your continuing support!




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