Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Audition Materials

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Audition Notes

–       We had to change our audition dates to May 2 and May 3 starting at 6 pm at Malta Ave School.

–       Please let Mike Gatzendorfer at know what day works for your child to come and audition, May 2 or May 3. A few days before the auditions, you will receive an audition schedule, providing a time to arrive for the audition on the chosen audition date.

–       The parent meeting will be held at the BARC Building on May 4 starting at 6 pm.

o   Rehearsal schedules and important forms and documents will be handed out at this meeting.  This is also a great time to meet BARC’s new Executive Director, Nora Osuchowski

–       Callbacks will be on Friday, May 5 at Malta Ave. Not everyone gets a callback, however, that doesn’t mean those students are not in the cast.

–       The final cast list will be posted on the BARC Theatre website on Saturday, May 5 by 3 pm.

o   Students who are not placed in the cast will become a part of the production crew.

–       Everyone auditioning is required to sing the song provided in their audition packet, as well as, read on the monologue provided.

–       Please do not fill out the audition scoring form, which is page 2 of the audition packets.

–       We are asking everyone to provide a headshot (photo of student’s face).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nora Osuchowski, BARC Executive Director at or Michael Gatzendorfer, Artistic Director at

Audition Packets 

Elementary Boys and Girls Audition Packet

Middle and High School Boys Audition Packet

Middle and High School Girls Audition Packet